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Clash Royale Clan Emblem

TL Smash Elite open_in_new


Clash Royale Clan Location Flag  North America



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Clash Royale Trophy with Ribbon  2683

Clash Royale Clan War Trophy  1437

Clash Royale Members  0/50

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Clan Score

Clash Royale Trophy with Ribbon  2683

War Trophies

Clash Royale Clan War Trophy  1437

Donations this week

Clash Royale Cards  0

Required Trophies

Clash Royale Trophy  4300


Clash Royale Members  0 / 50

Invite Type

Clash Royale People  Open

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NameRoleTrophiesDonationsMedalsLast SeenRating
Clan Average-Clash Royale Cards Donated / Clash Royale Cards ReceivedClash Royale Medals Icon Members

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