Activate Clan Tracking without "ClashRatings" in your Clan Description. Find out how!
Clash Royale Clan Emblem

3 Crown N' Down open_in_new


Clash Royale Clan Location Flag  International



Clash Royale Trophy with Ribbon  105

Clash Royale Clan War Trophy  3140

Clash Royale Members  1/50

👑 3CnD - Est 5/2017 - Merged with PD! on 11/2020 to create the ClashRatings™️ clan family. To join, visit

Race Stats

info How can I activate Clan Tracking for my clan?

Last 1 Races (Only 1 Races in Tracking History)
Up to 20 Races will appear after they are added to the Tracking History.

info If War Stats are missing from the most recent war, please check back in 15 minutes.

CR l Coleslaw

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