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Clash Royale Clan Emblem

3 Crown N' Down open_in_new


Clash Royale Clan Location Flag  International



Clash Royale Trophy with Ribbon  105

Clash Royale Clan War Trophy  3140

Clash Royale Members  1/50

👑 3CnD - Est 5/2017 - Merged with PD! on 11/2020 to create the ClashRatings™️ clan family. To join, visit

Race Log

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info How can I activate Clan Tracking for my clan?

DateRankPointsDecks UsedPlayedTrophiesDecks Used Avg
DateRankClash Royale PeopleClash Royale Clan War Trophy Avg
12/075th000Clash Royale People3140Clash Royale Clan War Trophy (-100)nan