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Clash of Clans Clan Emblem

PHantom tRoupe♠ open_in_new


Clash of Clans Clan Location Flag  International

Clash of Clans Trophy  1284

 Master II

Clash of Clans Members Icon  2/50

ACTIVE WAR CLAN✅️18+✅️ Donation Ratio 1:2✅️Follow War Plan✅️Attack in War with all heroes up and full CC✅️Elder and Co-leader is earned✅️Leaders decide who goes to war✅️Follow the Rules or get Kicked👞👟👞

Clan Points

Clash of Clans Trophy  1284

War League

Clash of Clans Master II War League  Master II

Wins - Ties - Losses

Clash of Clans War Symbol  122 - ? - ?  info

Required Trophies

Clash of Clans Trophy  3000


Clash of Clans Members Icon  2 / 50

Invite Type

 Invite Only

Trophy RankNameRoleTrophiesDonationsRating
#180ABdul SAmi


Member1339 0 / 0 134
#279Cranky Khan 3


Leader1230 0 / 0 123
-Clan Average-12850 / 0129