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Clash of Clans Clan Emblem

GANG OF ULLERY open_in_new


Clash of Clans Clan Location Flag  Nepal

Clash of Clans Trophy  1721

 Champion I

Clash of Clans Members Icon  2/50

Many Hearts but One Souls thats why Called GANG OF ULLERY.. Join with Us on Facebook Messenger Group: Drop ayour Facebook ID on Clan Chat. Leader will Request You♥️. अतिथि देव: भव।

Clan Points

Clash of Clans Trophy  1721

War League

Clash of Clans Champion I War League  Champion I

Wins - Ties - Losses

Clash of Clans War Symbol  492 - ? - ?  info

Required Trophies

Clash of Clans Trophy  3800


Clash of Clans Members Icon  2 / 50

Invite Type


Trophy RankNameRoleTrophiesDonationsRating


Co-Leader2687 7069 / 0 3804


Leader756 0 / 20 66
-Clan Average-17223535 / 101935