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Clash of Clans Clan Emblem

Special JR open_in_new


Clash of Clans Clan Location Flag  Indonesia

Clash of Clans Trophy  551

 Champion II

Clash of Clans Members Icon  1/50

⚔️WE ARE FAMILY SJR • << Est 11 Agust 2019⚔️🇮🇩 🌠Fams : Special ID . Special ID™2 . Special ID™3🌠Ally : [indo] Evolution . Gembel Ningrat🔰 🌠Team Tournament : GHOST ID☠️ 🌠Not just a hobby, we are a team and family❣️ 🌠JOIN ke SID

Clan Points

Clash of Clans Trophy  551

War League

Clash of Clans Champion II War League  Champion II

Wins - Ties - Losses

Clash of Clans War Symbol  121 - ? - ?  info

Required Trophies

Clash of Clans Trophy  4000


Clash of Clans Members Icon  1 / 50

Invite Type

 Invite Only

Trophy RankNameRoleTrophiesDonationsRating
#1147椏 BLEACH SID 椏


Leader1103 0 / 0 110
-Clan Average-11030 / 0110