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Clash of Clans - Wall Breaker

Wall Breaker

Type - Troop

Village - Home

Resource - Elixir

Nothing warms a Wall Breaker's cold and undead heart like blowing up walls. A squad of them will make way for your ground units, and they will do it with a BANG!

Level Preview

Level 1 & 2

Wall Breaker Level 1 & 2 Preview

Level 3 & 4

Wall Breaker Level 3 & 4 Preview

Level 5

Wall Breaker Level 5 Preview

Level 6

Wall Breaker Level 6 Preview

Level 7-9

Wall Breaker Level 7-9 Preview

Level 10

Wall Breaker Level 10 Preview


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Super Troop Boost

Clash of Clans Super Troop IconSuper Troop Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Upgrade Statistic IconBoost Cost Clash of Clans Level Statistic IconWall Breaker Lvl Required
Super Wall Breaker 25,000 7