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Clash of Clans - Lava Hound

Lava Hound

Type - Troop

Village - Home

Resource - Elixir

These fiery beasts can't resist chasing after Air Defenses, providing excellent protection for other troops. Once destroyed, they erupt into many smaller, weaker menaces.

Level Preview

Level 1 & 2

Lava Hound Level 1 & 2 Preview

Level 3

Lava Hound Level 3 Preview

Level 4

Lava Hound Level 4 Preview

Level 5

Lava Hound Level 5 Preview

Level 6

Lava Hound Level 6 Preview


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Super Troop Boost

Clash of Clans Super Troop IconSuper Troop Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Upgrade Statistic IconBoost Cost Clash of Clans Level Statistic IconLava Hound Lvl Required
Ice Hound 25,000 5