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Clash of Clans - Hog Rider

Hog Rider

Type - Troop

Village - Home

Resource - Elixir

Having tamed the fierce leaping hog, the Hog Rider punishes those who hide behind their puny walls! Fueled by Dark Elixir, these warriors have never known defeat!

Level Preview

Level 1 & 2

Hog Rider Level 1 & 2 Preview

Level 3 & 4

Hog Rider Level 3 & 4 Preview

Level 5

Hog Rider Level 5 Preview

Level 6

Hog Rider Level 6 Preview

Level 7

Hog Rider Level 7 Preview

Level 8

Hog Rider Level 8 Preview

Level 9

Hog Rider Level 9 Preview

Level 10

Hog Rider Level 10 Preview

Level 11

Hog Rider Level 11 Preview


Clash of Clans Card Targets Statistic IconTargetClash of Clans Card Targets Statistic IconHousing SpaceSPDClash of Clans Range Statistic IconRange (Tiles)Clash of Clans Hit Speed Statistic IconHit SpeedDark Barracks Required
Ground5240.61.0sLevel 2

Clash of Clans Level Statistic IconLevelClash of Clans Hit Points Statistic IconHitpointsClash of Clans Damage Statistic IconDamageClash of Clans Damage Per Second Statistic IconDamage Per SecondClash of Clans Elixir Upgrade Statistic IconTraining CostClash of Clans Research Statistic IconResearch CostClash of Clans Research Time Statistic IconResearch TimeClash of Clans Laboratory Statistic IconLaboratory Required
23127070345,0001d 6h5
441592924216,0002d 12h6
770013513580100,0007d 12h9
8810148148100150,00011d 12h10